Culinary delights at the waterside!

Treat yourself to a holiday! There is a great variety of cafés and restaurants, often with a view of the lake, around Lake Schwielowsee. Many restaurants offer regional specialities such as asparagus or pike-perch from the River Havel. Inviting quaint cafés welcome you to stop for a little breather over some cake and coffee.

View of the Ferch lido from the water, Foto: Strandbad Ferch

Café & Strandbad Ferch

Dorfstraße 41a, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Ferch

The lido with its gazebo and beautiful wooden terrace lies at the southern tip of the picturesque Lake Schwielowsee in the village district of Ferch. Covering ...

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Eingangsbereich Gaststätte Baumgartenbrück, Foto: Gemeinde Schwielowsee/U.Spaak

Gaststätte Baumgartenbrück - restaurant

Baumgartenbrück 4- 5, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Geltow

Baumgartenbrück - “Brühl's Terrace” on Lake Schwielowsee. The restaurant has been family owned since 1826 with a country-style beer garden with a view of ...

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Seebrücke “al Faro”

Weg zum Strandbad 1, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Caputh

The "Seebrücke Al Faro" is a cocktail and champagne bar situated directly on the lakeside. It is the perfect spot to enjoy romantic sunsets on Lake ...

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Fährhaus Caputh, Foto: Studio1® Kommunikation GmbH

Fährhaus Caputh

Straße der Einheit 88, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Caputh

The Fährhaus Caputh restaurant, situated in the former ferry house, is one of the best known and most popular restaurants in Schwielowsee. Enjoy the ...

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Märkische Wildschweinbäckerei - Entrance to the restaurant, Foto: Katrin Paulus

Märkische Wildschweinbäckerei

Beelitzer Straße 68, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Ferch

The Märkische Wildschweinbäckerei restaurant lies on the edge of the picture-perfect village of Ferch. With its idyllic location, surrounded by the ...

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 Restaurant terrace at the hotel & restaurant Haus am See, Foto: Maria Parussel

Restaurant “Haus am See"

Neue Scheune 19, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Ferch

The team at the “Haus am See” restaurant endeavours to appeal to your taste buds: whether you opt to dine in the cosily and tastefully designed indoor ...

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Restaurant Bootsklause Ferch, Foto: Bootsklause Ferch

Restaurant “Bootsklause Ferch"

Seeweg 5, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Ferch

Superior German cuisine on the shores of Lake Schwielowsee. Traditional, rustic and stylish - the “Bootsklause Ferch” restaurant on Lake Schwielowsee ...

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Blick vom Wasser auf das Kavalierhaus, Foto: U.Spaak

Kavalierhaus at Caputh Estate

Lindenstraße 60, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Caputh

The “Kavalierhaus” restaurant with a large terrace and a view of the River Havel is located in Caputh castle grounds.  Its Brandenburg Mark and ...

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Hotel vom Wasser aus gesehen, Foto: Landhaus Haveltreff

Restaurant 'Die Zwillinge' im Apart Hotel Haveltreff

Weinbergstraße 4, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Caputh

The picturesque village of Caputh lies directly on the River Havel. It is one of the best known destinations for a day out just a stone's throw from Potsdam ...

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Märkisches Gildehaus, Foto: Märkisches Gildehaus

Restaurant im Märkischen Gildehaus

Schwielowseestraße 58, 14548 Schwielowsee,OT Caputh

The panoramic restaurant is distinguished by its delicious dishes as well as its magnificent position on the shores of Lake Schwielowsee. This landscape in the ...

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Restaurant Zur Anglerklause; Foto: Henning Harms

Zur Anglerklause

Havelpromenade 2b, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Geltow

The "Zur Anglerklause" restaurant in the district of Geltow (Wildpark-West) with its garden terrace, situated directly on the banks of the River Havel, serves ...

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terrace Club del Lago, Foto: Club del Lago

Ristorante Club del Lago

Dorfstraße 41, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Ferch

Whilst enjoying panoramic views of Lake Schwielowsee, guests can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine in the "Club del Lago” restaurant. The menu features also ...

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Café im Webhof, Foto: U. Schünemann, Handweavery Geltow

Café im Webhof

Am Wasser 19, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Geltow

The café in the historical setting of the weaving mill "Henni Jaensch-Zeymer" serves home-made cakes, home-produced lemonade, a selection of coffees and more. ...

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Exterior view of the store from Frank Freiberg, Foto: Kultur- und Tourismusamt Schwielowsee

Brandenburg specialities Frank Freiberg

Dorfstraße 21, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Ferch

Juices, fruit spreads, fruit sauces, syrup, wines, liqueurs and vinegars are produces from fruit grown on the farm. They mostly harvest the wild fruits ...

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Außenansicht Café Heimath, Foto: Lars Thyrolf

Café Heimath

Straße der Einheit 86, 14548 Caputh

The café is situated directly adjacent to the Caputh ferry on the Strasse der Einheit, the Street of Unity, which was known as “Chausseestrasse" before the ...

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Restaurant Grashorn, Außenansicht, Foto: Grashorn

Restaurant Grashorn

Am Wasser 2-4, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Geltow

Prepare to be indulged by the kitchen and soak up the unique atmosphere in these charmingly decorated premises. The menu includes something for everyone. The ...


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Teahouse terrace with a view of the Zen garden, Foto: Japanischer Bonsaigarten Ferch

Tea House in the Japanese Bonsai Garden in Ferch

Fercher Straße 61, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Ferch

The tea house is located in the middle of the garden. Sip tea on the sun terrace overlooking the Zen garden or on one of the invigorating spots close to the ...

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Eisdiele Piccolo Gelato in Caputh, Foto: Elena Soare

Eisdiele Piccolo Gelato -ice cream parlour

Straße der Einheit 73, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Caputh

Visitors cannot miss the ice cream parlour walk as they walk along the Strasse der Einheit to get to the ferry: the Piccolo Gelato ice cream parlour in Caputh ...

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Pizza, Foto: iStock_Zakharova_Natalia

Ristorante Pizzeria Portofino

Weinbergstraße 2, 14548 Schwielowsee, OT Caputh

The Italian "Portofino" restaurant is located in Caputh close to the ferry. and serves the finest Italian fishes in a homely and cosy setting. Freshly baked ...

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Kräuterwerkstatt Ferch,

Kräuter-Heidi in der Kräuterwerkstatt

Kammeroder Weg 4, 14548 Schwielowsee/OT Ferch

"Herb-grower-Heidi" prepares dishes using wild herbs that she has picked in her garden together with guests or participants in her events in the ...

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Restaurant & Biergarten Himmelreich, Foto: UL

Restaurant & Biergarten Himmelreich

Wentorfinsel 38, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Caputh

The restaurant and beer garden on the "Himmelreich" campsite in Caputh has been welcoming guests since June 2019. The menu includes both regional and game ...

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Ristorante e Pizzeria Via Partenope, Foto: G. Meyer

Ristorante e pizzeria Via Partenope

Hauffstraße 78a, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Geltow

An insider tip in Geltow: this small Italian restaurant in Geltow spoils its guests with tasty delicatessen specialties from bella Italia. The varied menu ...

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Backmone in Geltow, Foto: Schwielowsee-Tourismus


Caputher Chaussee 3, 14548 Schwielowsee OT Geltow

As “Backmone”, Monika Knape has turned her passion for baking into a career: At her demonstration bakery in Geltow, you can sample delicious cantuccini ...

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Hofladen der Fischerei Lechler , Foto: Fischerei Lechler, Lizenz: Fischerei Lechler

Lechler fishing and farm shop

Straße der Einheit 80, 14548 Caputh

The smell from the smoker beckons. The Lechler fishing farm shop sells seasonal fish all year round, for example smoked eel or - from April to November - also ...

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Ice cream parlor Portofino, Foto: B. Restelica

Eiscafé Portofino

Weinbergstraße 2, 14548 Schwielowsee Caputh

The Portofino ice cream parlor is located directly on the Caputher ferry and invites guests to relax with self-made ice cream and enjoy the view of the passing ...

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Forsthaus Templin brewery

Templiner Straße 102, 14473 Potsdam

The natural brewery with enclosed restaurant and beer garden is run by two master brewers since 2003. The premises already existed since the 18th century. The ...


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