House of Sounds


Bergstr. 10
14548 Schwielowsee OT Caputh
Phone +49 33209 84905

House of Sounds – 'HAUS DER KLÄNGE' – An interactive museum of musical instruments
‘Without music life would be a mistake.’ (Friedrich Nietzsche)

The House of Sounds is home to Jürgen Motog’s collection of musical instruments from (northern) Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a house where you can almost always hear a sound or a note, hosting concerts, shadow theatre and family singing events, and where visitors can quench their curiosity – not just by looking at the instruments, but also taking hold of them and giving them a try. 

The spectrum of the collection ranges from prehistoric instruments (lithophones, bone flutes, lurs, archaic horns) to the widest variety of zithers ('valiha’ tube zithers from Madagascar, the powerful ‘guzheng’ from China, and magical-sounding Baltic zithers in different sizes). Some of the collector’s own reproductions and replicas (which can also be bought and ordered) round off this section of the collection. Exotic Nordic instruments and medieval instruments including the Swedish nyckelharpa (key harp), psalmodicon, langeleik (a Norwegian droned zither), Irish romanesque harp, hurdy-gurdy and shawm, Swedish and Georgian bagpipes, bring ancient sounds back to life. Baroque and classical instruments round off the collection, including reproductions of historic harpsichords and clavichords, violins, trombones, trumpets and pianos.

The House of Sounds hosts sound tours (for groups of children and adults, perhaps for a birthday treat or for an entertaining training course), musical readings, concerts for all ages, musical shadow-puppet theatre, workshops, family singing events, musical seniors’ afternoons, relaxation evenings, and musical massages for individuals and couples. Come along to see and, more importantly, hear for yourself!

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