Einstein’s idyllic summer resort


Str. d. Einheit 3
14548 Schwielowsee OT Caputh
Phone 033209-217772



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Initiativkreis Albert-Einstein-Haus Caputh e. V. took on the task of caring for the intellectual legacy of the Nobel Prize winner and his architect. In addition to special projects with lecture events, films, readings and conferences, the association also offers an exhibition at Caputh community centre with numerous models, documents and photographs.
  • Follow Einstein’s life and work during his time in Berlin and Caputh.
  • Explore the career of Konrad Wachsmann and his contribution to the architectural history of the 20th century.
  • Experience the architecture and rich history of Einstein’s Summer House in Caputh.
  • A video shows a tour of the restored timber house. A listening station allows you to recognise Einstein by his Schwäbisch accent in an original recording.
  • Tinkerers can try to put together a three-dimensional puzzle, the “Wachsmann knot”.
  • In a computer simulation on the speed of light, you experience the visual effects of a realistic trip around the historic town centre of Tübing.
  • An experiment explains the importance of the Theory of Relativity for GPS positioning.


Adults: € 3,00 Eintritt
Reduced: € 2,00 Eintritt für Schwerbeschädigte und Schüler


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