QiGong Sabine Kugler


Otto-Nagel-Straße 2
14467 Potsdam
Phone 0171 3253747
Phone 0331 23167934

“The greatest good is the harmony of the soul with itself” (Seneca)
Sabine Kugler is a certified QiGong teacher who offers Far Eastern movement and relaxation techniques in Caputh, Potsdam and Berlin.

Teaching programmes/methods: 
  • Dantian exercises, meridians and healing sounds, the 8 brocades, Dragon Qigong, the 5 elements, Ba Fun Huan Gong, Tai Yi Yuan Ming Gong (Origin of Light and the Triple Figure)
  • Qigong while walking (kidney strengthening and Guo Lin)
  • Silent Qigong (small energy cycle and Meditation of the Inner Smile)
  • Fang Song Gong, self-massage and tapping
  • Nature Qigong: Qigong with trees/Qigong during stand-up paddling
  • Qigong for children and young people

Target group: 
  • People of all ages who wish to do themselves and their bodies good and put a happy smile on their face.
  • Individual and group lessons in continuous weekly courses for beginners and advanced students, VHS (adult education) courses in Werder Havel,
  • Individual lessons to support cancer therapy
  • Individual lessons for stand up paddling
  • Day nursery group lessons for children
  • Holiday courses for children and teenagers

Personal background:
Many years ago, I was concerned with the question of how to live a relaxed and healthy life in the here and now, despite all the demands of day-to-day living. As a result, I started to look into Far Eastern movement and relaxation techniques 10 years ago. In addition to gaining many years of experience in yoga, I have found my path in the practice of Qigong and Tai Chi. My training to become a Qigong instructor and eventually a DQGG teacher now enables me to support others on their path to achieving greater inner peace and harmony, and feel happiness and joy over and over again.
Something else that is very important to me, in addition to Qigong for elderly people, is children’s Qigong. With the help of my experience as a mother of seven children and my additional training as a Waldorf teacher, I try to teach Qigong to both younger and older children in a hands-on manner through music, stories, puppetry, painting and handicrafts. Through straightforward Qigong movements, children have the opportunity to find their own way to themselves, learning mindfulness for both themselves and others.
I will be more than happy to welcome you to one of my QiGong courses!

If you are interested in participating in a Qigong course with Sabine Kugler (always Tuesdays and Thursdays in Caputh) – whether individually or in a group – please contact her directly at +49 171 3253747, sabine-kugler@web.de

Location and surroundings

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