Alternative practitioner studio Rosemarie Elisabeth Worseck


Weberstr. 38
14548 Schwielowsee
Phone +49 163 980 51 21

Rosemarie Elisabeth Worseck is an alternative practitioner and yoga teacher based in Caputh and Potsdam. She runs weekly courses for groups and gives private lessons at her healing surgeries in Potsdam and Caputh. In addition, you can sign up for compact day or a weekend seminar with her, and she also offers one-week fasting and yoga trips in Germany and abroad. 

Yoga therapy
Rosemarie Elisabeth Worseck teaches classical hatha yoga with elements of Kundalini yoga. She specialises in various types of yoga therapy which she is able to adapt to a wide range of illnesses as a trained alternative practitioner. For example, it is possible to develop special exercise programmes after a slipped disc, for asthma or high blood pressure, for emotional stabilisation or to reduce stress.
Anyone who practices even a little yoga will soon notice how blockages are miraculously released and a new body sense emerges – this might be a feeling of complete relaxation, the disappearance of headache or backache, or improved concentration.

“Take your fears and resistance, pain and symptoms seriously. They are part of you and are a signpost.” Rosemarie Elisabeth Worseck

Rosemarie Elisabeth Worseck offers the following additional forms of yoga:
  • Yoga for beginners (courses and information)
  • Hormone yoga, certified by Dinah Rodrigues (courses and information)
  • Yoga for pregnant women at Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann in Potsdam (courses and information)
  • Yoga for women and men of all ages in courses and open groups in Caputh and Ferch (courses and information)
  • Yoga for the young at heart at the Gelbes Haus in Ferch (courses and information)

The main focus is on physical tension and relaxation exercises, but breathing exercises and meditation form part of the instruction in all yoga types. The work embraces the person as a whole, since increasing physical flexibility and strength creates a free and alert mind. Holiday courses held at selected beauty spots in Germany and abroad offer a particularly intense yoga experience.

Yoga addresses:
Group lessons: Weinbergstrasse 9, 14548 Caputh (at Capuvita) and at the Gelbes Haus, Burgstrasse 13, 14548 Ferch
Individual lessons: Weberstrasse 38, 14548 Caputh

Location and surroundings

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