Das Gelbe Haus – Schwielowsee naturopathy centre


Burgstraße 13
14548 Ferch
Phone +49 33209 217791

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The former Luther-Rüst-Haus in Ferch on Lake Schwielowsee was founded by long-standing alternative practitioners Hans-Jürgen Achtzehn and Hiltrud Achtzehn as a seminar venue, naturopathy practice and communal living project. It serves to promote community, development and spirituality. Here at this beautiful location, not far from Berlin and Potsdam amid a natural setting, events are held which are dedicated to process-oriented homeopathy, systemic structural and family constellations and yoga. DAS GELBE HAUS has developed into a diverse and flourishing natural healing centre.

Dissatisfaction, personal crises and illnesses can always serve us as a first step towards healing. They help us set out on the path to ultimately become what we are meant to be. All events are dedicated to a common purpose: to bring joy, well-being and healing to all those involved.

Hiltrud & Hans-Jürgen Achtzehn

When we moved into the Gelbes Haus in 2006, we had already passed through a period of intense challenges. Having met when we were both in very different roles working at the Samuel Hahnemann School, the day came when we could simply no longer ignore our love for one other, so we finally succumbed to it. We experienced at first hand how the power of love can shake human beings to the core.
Neither of us planned or foresaw the path that led us as a couple to the Gelbes Haus in this way: life struck with all its force, its unpredictability and its abundance of wonders. Each of us saw our part in this vortex – we followed the signs and said “YES”.
As different as we are as human beings, as a man and a woman, we are united by our willingness and by having said “YES” to each other, to this shared place, our children and our work. Our love for homeopathy, for constellation work, for people who are on their way or are approaching their path, our love for life – all this has found a home here at the Gelbes Haus.
We have put down our roots here. We aim to provide inner and outer spaces for others here at the Gelbes Haus, inviting and encouraging them to let their soul speak and to follow their heart – just as life has led us here:  unconditionally, taking on board all the consequences, with all devotion to the intensity of love, without knowing where it will lead and even if pain, effort and solitude are part of the journey, tearing down established ideas and self-images in their wake. It is definitely worth it.   

Location and surroundings

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