Baumgartenbrücke Geltow


Baumgartenbrück 4
14548 Schwielowsee, OT Geltow

Baumgartenbrücke is a road bridge by which main road 1 between Geltow and Petzow crosses the Potsdam Havel. Baumgartenbrücke is a popular destination for cyclists, with as many as 30,000 enjoying the fantastic view it offers over the Havel waters every month during the season.  

The Great Elector Frederick William had a 120-metre wooden bridge built in 1676. Theodor Fontane wrote a short story about Baumgartenbrück:
“Bomgarden-Brück [...] since time immemorial [...] has always an important place, a place whose significance always kept pace with the industrial development of the Schwielow and Havel banks. Revenues increased tenfold, and while in former times a simple, old-fashioned duty was paid to transport land travellers from one bank to the other, this was followed by much more lucrative days, when, in addition to the bridge duty for a horse and cart, a bridge-lift duty had to be paid by all passing ships.”
Fontane Wanderungen

On April 28, 1809, Major Ferdinand von Schill and his volunteer corps soldiers of the 2nd Brandenburg Hussar Regiment bivouacked near the bridge. After Schill's call for a popular uprising against the French occupying forces from Prussia, the troops crossed the bridge to fight against the French. A glacial erratic bearing a memorial plaque commemorates this event.

Source: Wikipedia and Fontane’s Wanderungen durch die Mark 

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