Jutta Enke


Schubertstraße 4
14542 Werder (Havel)
Phone 03327-45085
Fax 03327-572479
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Ms. Enke has worked as a tour guide in Werder (Havel) and the surrounding area since 2004, exploring both its history and present. The programme includes various town tour themes for both individuals and groups.
  • Sightseeing tours with island tour Werder (Havel)
  • Tree blossom trips
  • Sightseeing trips, accompanied bus tours of Potsdam and the surrounding area
  • Slide shows on the history of the region
  • Talks in historical costume on life in Werder
  • Outings to Potsdam, Lehnin monastery, Brandenburg and the Havelland region
  • Following in Fontane's footsteps in Werder (Havel) and the Havelland region

Location and surroundings

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