Bockwindmühle in Werder (Havel) windmill


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So-called Bockwindmühlen, post mills, are mentioned in Europe from the 12th century onwards. This type of windmill is widespread in Central and Northern Germany and in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Grinding rights in Werder (Havel) are first mentioned around 1500. It is assumed that in their heyday windmills stood on many hills, which explains why in the past these hills were therefore often referred to as “Mill Hills”.
The construction and operation of Bockwindmühle-type post mills is literally a technical miracle, as they can be fully rotated with the aid of the crossbeam.

The windmill caught fire in 1973 and in November 1985 individual parts of a mill of the same kind were found in Klossa (near Leipzig), transported to Werder, professionally treated and constructed on the same site from September 1987 onwards. The shell and blades were completed in April 1991 and the silhouette of the mill stands once again as the landmark of Werder (Havel).

This post mill on the island is equipped with Hechtian spring-mounted blades (new building from 2005) and features various technical equipment, including a set of mill stones and a centrifugal sieve. The windmill is once again operated by the wind and is capable of grinding following extensive restoration from 2007 onwards. The mill premises have also had a small oven since 2009. The highlight of every year is the Mill Festival held on the second weekend of August.


Adults: € 1,50
Reduced: € 1,00 Schüler, Azubis, Studenten, Schwerbeschädigte
Children: € 1,00
Children: Eintritt frei

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