Waschhaus im Gutspark Petzow - historic building


im Gutspark
14542 Werder (Havel) OT Petzow
Phone 03327-668379
Phone 0177-3054436

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On the banks of the on-site lake in the middle of the landscape park, which Peter Joseph Lenné brilliantly included in his plans, visitors will come across the washhouse with a reed-thatched roof with fascia boards and gable boards decorated with arches. The building, which was constructed around 1825 based on Schinkel's plans, now houses the Petzow Museum of Local History. Following its original purpose as a washhouse and mangle house, the building now houses an exhibition on the history of the place and Petzow Park, in which visitors can learn about the impact of the composer Carl Friedrich Zelter, the Kaehne, Lenné and Schinkel families and King Frederick William IV in Petzow. Various displays and equipment are dedicated to the topic of “Washcare” in a second exhibition.

Location and surroundings

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