Euroroute R1 - Straight through the whole of Brandenburg

Bike tours | Länge: 270 km


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Hallesche Straße
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

15328 Küstrin
The Euroroute R1 connecting Calais at the French coast and Saint Petersburg, Russia leads through unparalleled natural and cultural landscapes. On a stretch of over 200 kilometres, Berlin and Brandenburg offer cyclists a plethora of landscapes and feasts for the eyes. You are guaranteed to find some time to relax amidst unspoiled nature in the mellow hills of the Fläming heath, the national park Märkische Schweiz or at the banks of the calm River Oder. The Euroroute R1 takes you on a journey through Germany’s history.
The lakes around Erkner and Grünheide are perfect for a little break and to jump inside. In Garzau you can admire a field stone pyramid and the Märkische Schweiz shows the hilly side of the Oder-Spree region. A photo of the turquoise shimmering Schermützelsee in Buckow should definitely be in your photo album.
In Neuhardenberg you should get off your bike to take a look at the castle and the park. It’s a very special place.
On the Oder-Neiße cycle path the route leads towards Küstrin. This is where the part of across the Seenland ends. When you cross the Oder, it becomes clear that an achievement a Europe without borders is.

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Cycling Path Conditions / Path Construction
The tour largely follows along the main roads or on shared cycling/hiking paths, from Erkner the tour also follows side roads. The path is largely paved, around Buckow and between Wulkow and Neuhardenberg some stretches are partly unpaved.

Map/ Guide Recommendations
  • “Bikeline Radtourenbuch – Europa-Radweg R1“, 1:75000, Esterbauer-Publishing House, ISBN 978-3-85000-129-8


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