Fisherman Fritz fishes fresh fish – fishing in the River Havel

The River Havel and its lakes are rich in fish. You will need a fishing card ('Angelkarte') in order to angle non-predatory fish such as roach, white bream or bream as well as predatory fish such as pike, perch, eel and catfish.

Where to buy fishing cards

For further information, please call the Fishing Association ('Landesanglerverband') of the State of Brandenburg, phone (+49-331) 743-0130

Steganlage Neue Scheune, Foto: Sigmar Steinacker

Landing stage community Neue Scheune Ferch e.V.

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Bootsfahrt, Foto: B&B Bootsverleih, Lizenz: B&B Bootsverleih

B&B boat and SUP- rental

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