Lake Schwielowsee – an adorable lake

Tucked away splendidly among the forested landscape of pines in the March Brandenburg, Lake Schwielowsee is probably the most beautiful area of the splendid chain of Havel Lakes. It's above all the sailors who enjoy the calm of the lake when the weather is nice.

Covering 8 square kilometres the lake is one of the biggest lakes of the State of Brandenburg. The lake is lined by verdant reed stands and woods that skirt its shores.

Thanks to its length of 5.5 km and a width of up to 2 km, Lake Schwielowsee is a very popular water-sport region with sailors and surfers. Holiday makers with motorboats and houseboats, canoeists and even kitesurfers will have a good time as well. The lake is 9 metres at its deepest point, which can be found in its upper northeast corner. The River Havel reaches its most southern point at Lake Schwielowsee. After 'Baumgartenbrücke' bridge in Geltow it gently meanders in a northward direction.