Khalifa practice for massage + wellness + health


Fercher Bergstraße 8
14548 Schwielowsee, OT Ferch
Phone +49 152 29590438

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Massage – the power of touch!

Massage has had a relaxing effect for thousands of years. A healing touch can reach not just the body but the whole person – even including the brain. Mindful and respectful touch is a key element of holistic massage – an element on a path towards achieving greater peace of mind and relaxation. Massage in the broadest sense is one of mankind’s oldest remedies. Mindful massage can provide stimuli for the body and soul to vibrate again in harmony with the rhythm of life.

Services available: Holistic massage, massage intense, massage for pregnant women, Breuss massage, foot zone massage, Liebscher & Bracht therapy

Potential effects of holistic massages:
  • They provide deep relaxation and regeneration
  • They enhance general well-being
  • They alleviate muscle tension
  • They reduce stress symptoms
  • They release inner tension and blockage
  • They bring fresh energy, more joy, clarity and serenity to your everyday life
  • They mobilise the body's own self-healing powers and stabilise health
  • Body, soul and heart are experienced as one – the human being can once again vibrate in harmony with the rhythm of life

The body is the translator of the soul into the visible (Christian Morgenstern)

The Khalifa practice is partner to the health week Auszeit in Schwielowsee – Die Woche für Ihre Gesundheit.

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