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Around Lake Schwielowsee, in the landscape conservation area, fields and fields of sea buckthorn grow. This had long been the case when Christine Berger came to Petzow in 1993 and founded the Christine Berger GmbH & Co. KG with the beautiful sea buckthorn garden in Petzow.

Making sea buckthorn a tangible experience
Sea buckthorn is robust, its bright orange fruit bursts with bioactive substances and tastes particularly good when processed. That is why Christine Berger leased almost 80 hectares around Petzow and Glindow and planted the sea buckthorn garden, where the whole world of sea buckthorn can be explored, from cultivation to the finished product.
The family-run business now has been handed over to the middle daughter Dorothee and now grows certified organic sea buckthorn on 150 hectares of farmland. The fruits ripen free of any environmental pollutants or chemical fertilisers. The sea buckthorn berries are picked, flash frozen and gently processed so they maintain their valuable active ingredients. The products range from organic sea buckthorn juice and sea buckthorn jams to sea buckthorn wine and liqueur to sea buckthorn fruit gums and chocolate. What is special is that it all comes from a single source - from growing the sea buckthorn to processing and developing the products to sales. 

The quality of the sea buckthorn
What makes the sea buckthorn so special? The Bergers have a simple formula for this: Vitamin C + Provitamin A + Vitamin E + Vitamin K = Sea buckthorn. This combination found in the “lemons of the north”, a reference to their very high vitamin C content, has earned the fruit the tile of a “super fruit” - they simply could not be healthier. And unlike other so-called super fruit such as exotic goji berries or acai berries, sea buckthorn grows almost on the doorstep. Last but not least, they taste great too, fruity, bitter and a little sour, simply wonderful.

A family-run business in the second generation
In 2019 the family-run business has been handed over to Christine Berger's  daughter Dorothee. At the two-storey farm shop and specialist market visitors can find over 70 products made on site. In addition to wild fruit - primarily sea buckthorn specialities such as juices, wines, liqueurs, fruit spreads, gummy bears and tea. The quality of the products has won numerous awards from the German Agricultural Society.

Regional offerings
The shop also sells other regional food, ceramics, gift items and natural sea buckthorn cosmetics. In good weather, visitors can spend some time outside at the specialist market and enjoy a coffee or juice as well as the adjoining herb and perfume garden.

Guided tours
Upon request, a guide can take groups of ten or more persons on a tour of the sea buckthorn garden. Visitors can learn more about the history, cultivation and processing of sea buckthorn. In the glass demo factory, guests can see how delicious jams are made from sea buckthorn and other fruits - including a tasting of course. Large display windows allow you to follow the various processing and preparation steps. In a multimedia presentation room, visitors can also learn interesting background information on the world of sea buckthorn. A trip out into the fields can also be organised. This is a real experience, especially at harvest time.

Product offering
Produced on site: Sea buckthorn and wild fruit specialities (juices, wine, liqueur, fruit spreads, ice-cream, gummy bears, tea, natural cosmetics), vegetables and fruit. The range now includes nearly 80 sea buckthorn and wild fruit specialities.

Leisure activities on the farm
The sea buckthorn garden has a sea buckthorn educational trail, a glass display production facility, a herb and perfume garden with lots of seating, a restaurant with a playground and its own landing stage.

Events take place at the sea buckthorn garden on a regular basis (Easter celebration, Whit brunch and the Day of the Lord). The highlight is the sea buckthorn harvest festival at the beginning of September.

Online shop
Everything to do with sea buckthorn - juices, liqueurs, oils, jam, cosmetics and more. Orders can be collected during the regular opening hours of the shop.

Delivery and pick up service:
The farm shop stocks sea buckthorn streusel cake, coffee and sea buckthorn juice to go and small snacks like soups, Quiche, Frankfurter sausages with traditional German potato salad. In addition to that orders can be collected here.


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